What Are You THANKFUL For?


Life presents many challenges. As a teenager and young adult I remember going through challenges and my grandmother providing this adage “Keep Living”. As I have grown older and as the things that she has instilled in me stay ever ready in my mind, I am reminded that no matter what happens in life my job is to keep living.
During this time of year, people become reflective. They think about the trials and tribulations they have faced throughout the year as well as the good things. In my experience as a coach, it is often the bad things that are remember more than the good. My advice to them and to you as well is to remember what you are thankful for. So I ask, what are you thankful for?
Let’s begin with the simple everyday things, breath in our bodies, activity of our limbs, life, health and strength. We can keep it going with food, shelter… and for those that may be missing some of the things on the list, we all at least have about three (3) of those things covered. So if some of the big things are not yet actualized, the big bank account, the perfect spouse, the dream job, I say to you keep living.

Remember to be thankful for what you have. Remember that everyday you wake up and walk this earth that you have a blank page and new opportunity to create the life of your dreams. Remember to be thankful for the hard times because they make you appreciate the good times even more. Be thankful for what you have little or much because you still have the ability to do more to be greater.
Don’t think that this is a season that is all about the food or the shopping or the material things that the world offers. This is a season to be thankful for those little things, for the things we take for granted for the things we do without thinking or without concern. This is the time to be thankful for the breath you just took. Thankful for the eyes that allowed you to read this post, thankful for the meal you had today or the hot water that washed your body or cleaned your clothes. This is a time to be thankful for the people that you can call in the middle of the night when all seems to be lost in your world. This is the time to be thankful for those your poured wisdom into us, who left us with their words of wisdom that we now carry in our hearts. So this season I ask you What are You Thankful For?

Published by Dr. Sharice

I am a certified Life Strategist who also holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. I works with women who desire to recover from relational trauma. My work focuses on assisting these women in to REcover, REdiscover and REdefine themselves. I am results driven and dedicated to see my clients live the lives they deserve.

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