My Word for 2018


So every year, I try to come up with a focus for the year.  If you have been following me, you know that I do not do resolutions, I believe in results (Resolutions or Results Masterclass).  Long ago I stopped making resolutions that I failed to remember before January was over and I began to work on creating and moving towards the things that I wanted out of life.  So for the past few years my focus has been finding a word for the year to focus on and making it happen.  This year my word happens to be MANIFESTATION.

Over a year ago I was introduced to the work of Ernest Holmes and his teachings and books have drastically changed my life and my approach to life and business.  Science of the Mind specifically has helped me to structure my year and MANIFESTATION is the word that I found most suited where I am at this time in my life.  In 2018, I plan to MANIFEST everything my heart desires.

Last year, for me, was about transition and planning for the next phase of my life.  It included resignation from my job of over 12 years and the quest to become a full-time entrepreneur.  While the task has definitely not been an easy one, it has definitely been rewarding, it has been a learning experience and it has helped me to embrace the work that I truly want to do in life.

So my question to you is what is your word for the year?  What is it that you want to have in your life in 2018?  What are your wildest dreams and what do you need in order to make them come true?  How can you be reminded daily of what you want to achieve this year.  Be specific.  Be clear.  Be intentional.  Life the life of your dreams this year.

Living the Life of my Dreams!



Published by Dr. Sharice

I am a certified Life Strategist who also holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. I works with women who desire to recover from relational trauma. My work focuses on assisting these women in to REcover, REdiscover and REdefine themselves. I am results driven and dedicated to see my clients live the lives they deserve.

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