Run Women’s Conference Chicago


Recently, I had the pleasure of being a presenter at the Run Women’s Conference in Chicago.  When I say that it was a game changing experience for me.  Believe it.  And while this was my first time attending, it definitely will not be my last.


The conference, organized by 2016 NAACP African American Woman Influencer, Dr. Cassandra Bradford was a DO NOT MISS EVENT.  Dr. Cassasndra Bradford’s bio checks just about every box for a woman boss.  She is a strategist, philanthropist, visionary, International motivational speaker, coach, counselor and the list goes on.   Having been an entrepreneur and a create you own lane, specialist, Dr. Cassandra organized a conference that was excellent from start to finish.  

Her website describes the conference as ” an empowerment and motivational conference serving women with a platform that motivates women to carry their vision mentally, physically and spiritually”.  This was absolutely the case on Saturday.  I even attempted to give away tickets for someone else to attend the event and unfortunately those tickets went unused.  Those people who were not in the room missed an opportunity to up level their business and brands and may never have opportunities like that again.

There was a dynamic lineup of speakers, if I do say so myself.  And the day was filled with motivation, inspiration, learning and education.  I left the conference mentally exhausted, in a good way, because I knew that once I was well rested there would be some major changes on the horizon for me.


I want to thank Dr. Cassandra Bradford, no relation, I think, for the privilege and the opportunity to speak to the attendees on Saturday.  While you missed the conference here in Chicago, the Run Conference is on tour and the next few stops are as follows:

May 5, 2018          St. Louis, MO

May 29, 2018        Los Angeles, CA

June 9, 2018         Huntsville, AL

July 20-21, 2018   Dallas, TX  (Run Mega Conference Weekend)


If you have the opportunity to experience the conference in one of these cities, get your tickets today.  They are worth the investment in your future.

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous


Published by Dr. Sharice

I am a certified Life Strategist who also holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. I works with women who desire to recover from relational trauma. My work focuses on assisting these women in to REcover, REdiscover and REdefine themselves. I am results driven and dedicated to see my clients live the lives they deserve.

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